Preparing for Your First Massage

Allow up to an hour and 20 minutes for your first massage session. In order to properly prepare for your first massage, please download and complete the Health History form prior to your visit or arrive 10 minutes early to complete the form in the waiting area. Thank you!

If possible, wear comfortable clothes such as workout pants, shorts and a t-shirt. This allows options for addressing your needs in the best manner.  

Prior to your session, I will:

  • listen to your goals
  • conduct a thorough assessment and evaluation of your condition/needs
  • determine the best treatment plan to reach your goals

During the session:

  • you may lie lie face up, face down, on your side or propped by pillows
  • be sure to ask questions about your session, my work, etc.
  • communicate with me about your comfort and needs (pressure, drink of water, tissue, bolster, etc.)
  • move around on table as needed
  • talk if you like… or not. This is your time.

After the session you may be given “homework” to support your progression between visits, including:

  • stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises
  • appropriate use of rest, ice or heat

Many conditions may require a series of visits for proper and thorough treatment. The best plan will be discussed with you at the end of your session.